Prioritize Work Over Timesheets

Unlock real-time insights and tailored productivity analytics with SpectroTime automation, adapted to each team member's role. Empower your team to concentrate on their tasks, leaving the reports to us.

Time Tracking Automation

Time Tracking Data Acquisition. Our native and lightweight desktop client efficiently gathers data on the time allocated to tasks and breaks, monitors the utilization of various apps (including web apps), and keeps track of the websites visited. Additionally, the desktop client data are enriched by integrating information acquired from 3rd party APIs such as calendars, project management systems, and messengers.

Categorization System. The collected time tracking data are organized by usage type and sorted through a simple and comprehensive categorization system, empowered by AI, ensuring precision and ease of understanding. This categorization is specifically tailored based on the team members' work functions, allowing for a more personalized and relevant insight into individual and team productivity.

Automatic Conversion for Analysis. The aggregated time tracking data are seamlessly converted into detailed reports and dashboards, preparing them for in-depth analysis, enabling insights and informed decision-making.

Real-Time Work Data

Monitoring Current Work Status. Identifying who is currently working and the commencement time of their workday provides immediate insights into team availability and work schedules.

Tracking Ongoing Tasks. Observing the tasks in progress by each team member enables real-time project management and enhances team coordination and task allocation.

Application Usage Overview. Monitoring the applications in use offers insights into work habits, tool efficiency, and aids in optimizing workflow for increased productivity.

Periodic Screenshots (optional). Capturing periodic screenshots serves as proof of work, ensuring transparency, accountability, and fostering trust within the team.

Work Data Categorization and Tagging

Comprehensive Categorization System. Implementing a simple and comprehensive categorization system allows for the sorting of work data into distinct categories such as Core Work, Meetings, Communication, Problem Solving, and Learning, promoting organized and effective data analysis.

Customization through Work Functions. Employing a work function-based categorization ensures personalized and detailed sorting of work items by considering the specifics of each work function, which enhances clarity and relevance.

Enhanced Data Through Integration. Incorporating 3rd party APIs augments the data acquired from the time-tracking client, providing a richer and more holistic view of work patterns and activities.

Flexible Tagging for Specific Needs. The utilization of tagging systems offers flexibility for unlimited data tagging according to specific needs, allowing for customized organization and detailed analysis of work data.

Productivity Analytics

Transformation of Time Tracking Data. Complex time tracking data is transformed into actionable insights, enabling a clearer understanding and effective management of work hours and tasks.

Evaluation of Time and Performance Spectrum. The analytics assess the time spent on core work, meetings, and communication to provide a comprehensive understanding of the performance spectrum, aiding in identifying areas of improvement and efficiency.

Analysis of Work Intensity. The intensity of work on projects is evaluated across days and weeks, offering a detailed perspective on work distribution and enabling better project management.

Identification of Performance Variations. The analytics aid in identifying top performers, recognizing problems with performance, and detecting individuals who are near burnout, thereby enabling timely intervention and support.

Accessible and Versatile Insights. The insights derived are conveniently accessible through analytical dashboards and downloadable PDF reports, and are also available as datasets compatible with third-party business intelligence tools for further analysis.