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Boost Team Efficiency with Data-Driven Insights for Better Time Management, Increased Productivity, Enhanced Accountability, and Smart Decision-Making


Advanced time tracking automation

Focus on the Work, Not the Timesheet Reports

With SpectroTime automation, gain real-time insights and detailed productivity analytics, adjusted according to team members roles. Let your team focus on the tasks at hand, not the reports.


Time Tracking Automation

Accurate timesheets matter in business. With Time Tracking Automation, we provide exact data based on proof of work — no human errors, no skewed views. After all, employees should focus on their tasks, not timesheets. No more manual entries or back-and-forths with managers. Let's keep it simple and accurate, so everyone can focus on what they do best.


Real Time Work Data

Watch your team in action. We provide insights into employee time on tasks and track computer activities, giving a real-time view of apps and websites usage. Opt for periodic screenshots to maintain work integrity. With automated tracking, attendance management becomes both reliable and cost-effective. Stay informed, stay efficient.


Work Categorisation Based on Usage

We help to categorize Work Items according to defined roles, be it a software developer, a graphics designer or a business analyst. This categorisation is grounded in data derived from applications, websites, and web apps, complemented by third-party integrations like Calendars, Jira, or Github. Proper work categorisation ensures clarity in analytics, aiding in informed managerial choices.


Productivity Analytics

We transform complex data into actionable insights, making it easy to understand and utilize. Discover which tasks occupy each team member and identify any potential distractions. Evaluate the time spent on core work, meetings, communication, and understand the performance spectrum — from those excelling to those nearing burnout. Moreover, gauge the intensity of work across days and weeks. All these insights are conveniently accessible through analytical dashboards, downloadable PDF reports, and datasets ready for third-party business intelligence tools. Harness these straightforward insights for enhanced business decisions.


Hybrid, Remote and In House

Fit for Every Work Mode


Track your team's work easily, whether they are at home or in the office. Use real-time data to boost everyone's performance.


Keep an eye on remote workers just like they are in the office with you. Automatic tracking helps you know work is getting done.

In House

Help your in-house team focus on work, not reports.


Work Hours

per employee saved each week


Time efficiency

Due to better time management and avoiding distractions



Real-time data on the work done

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

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Dr. Peter Drucker


The Value of Time Tracking

Time is a company's most precious asset. By tracking it, businesses gain vital insights into productivity and efficiency. Without measuring time, we risk overlooking key opportunities for improvement and growth.


Integrations with popular worktools

Integrations with popular work tools and third-party applications enhance automated time tracking, refine work categorization, and boost visibility.

Jira Software

Microsoft 365



Salesforce Service Cloud


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